Jayant Kashyap, a Pushcart Prize nominee, has had his poetry in Barren, Perverse, Backstory and StepAway magazines, among others; one of his poems was featured in the Healing Words Award Ceremony (September 2017), and a couple others won places in Young Poets Network’s challenges. He is now a food blogger for Shahi Dastarkhan’s Foodie’s Desk. He is also the co-founder and editor of Bold + Italic. His poems in collaboration with Lisa Stice have appeared in The Blue Nib.

Survival, 2019 (Clare Songbirds)

His debut chapbook, Survival, is out now from NY-based Clare Songbirds Publishing House. Order it here!

“Jayant Kashyap conflates the beautiful with the demonic in musical poems that capture, alternately, the drama of the human experience and the quietude of reflection.  These wise poems, which perform the connection between joy and loss, deliver an immediate impact but also linger in mind.”

Kathryn Maris, poet, The House with Only an Attic and a Basement

“For a first-time poet, the reader would witness Jayant’s work mature from quixotic to dystopian to hopeful, exploring the hidden fissures of one’s private universe in constant dialogue with the dichotomies of the real world. In a rare moment, the outside meets the inside. Compelling and emotionally charged debut!”

Simran Keshwani, author, Becoming Assiya: The Story of the Children of War

“Jayant Kashyap’s first collection is a voice rising out of a grim reality of exploitation, violence and loss. Sometimes tragic, sometimes searching, the poems of Survival reach toward hope and a redefinition of identity. The poems ask those who ‘walk the road, up and down, in high / boots, heads straight’ to look around and not ignore what needs to be addressed in one’s own society. The poems ask us to save each other and ourselves, to ‘know how one’s made, / to learn to decipher how destroyed; // to stop you from being that something / Vile.’”

Lisa Stice, poet, Uniform

“Jayant Kashyap walks this world with his eyes wide open. With every breath, every step, he notices things that others overlook. His writing is a subtle balancing act of introspection and extrospection — unfailingly observant, intuitive and incisive. Survival is a collection of poetry that stays with us long after we have finished reading, and heralds the emergence of a fiercely talented new writer.”

Darren Richard Carlaw, editor, StepAway

“From heartache to moments of astonishing worldly wisdom, Jayant Kashyap’s poems stopped me in my tracks more than once. He is master of the heart-stopping observation and arresting image. Here is one of my favourites from his new chapbook Survival: ‘The road is full of perfume. Urine. Bile. / Death.’”

Anne Casey, poet, out of emptied cups

“In Survival, Kashyap has created poems which sing to the heart of anyone who has loved and lost. These verses lie close to the bone and resonate on the human level.”

Russell Jones, editor, Shoreline of Infinity

“With this debut collection, Kashyap goes for the jugular on issues of violence and redemption, yet with the lightest touch that reveals beauty and tenderness in the broken world he creates. Prepare to be swept away by the stories and voices he brings to life.”

Jamie Houghton, author of burn site in bloom

“These tiny gems demand your attention. In an instant they will break and repair your heart, leaving you waiting for Jayant Kashyap’s next bit of beautiful brevity. Here economy of words pairs with intensity of emotion to provide a read you’ll want to devour again and again.”

Allison Landa, author, Bearded Lady

His interests include reading extensively, delving into old forms of poetry, collecting signed copies, writing letters (emails are the more so letters of today), lexicography, playing with dogs, listening to music and a lot more.

Get in touch: jayantkashyap174 (at) gmail (dot) com

PS: You can click on the chapbook cover to pre-order it, as of now.

• photo by Utsav Mishra

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